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ESPE research fellowship – deadline 30 June


The Research Fellowship enables talented young scientists, investigators, and paediatric endocrinologists to conduct research at leading institutions worldwide. This outstanding programme has helped launch powerful careers in leading-edge clinical research in paediatric endocrinology.  ESPE members were alerted at the end of last month, and we have been asked to help advertise this further. Should you be aware of any young endocrinologist physician thinking of applying, please alert them to this opportunity to apply and the deadline. ESPE secretariat have confirmed that have yet to receive any applications, and any received a few days after this deadline will still be considered vs. formal extension of the deadline at this time point.


ESE – Jens Sandahl Christiansen Award


This is awarded by ESE to an international scientist who has made significant contributions to the field of basic or clinical endocrinology, based on assessment of the abstracts submitted to the annual congress. 


ESE - Postgraduate Training Course on Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism


The CME accredited course covers some elements of growth-related disorders as well as diabetes. This is currently sponsored by our Diabetes Scientific Dialogue colleagues in NN A/S. The course has a small registration fee as well for participants, with the next course on the 8-10 Oct 2018 in Minsk, Belarus, and the following course in Feb/Mar 2019 in Ljubljana. Future courses we understand will be located also in Northern and Western Europe.