İnsülin İnfüzyon Setlerinde Hata

Medtronic firması bazı insülin pompa infüzyon setlerini geri çağırıyor.




Firma özellikle ABD piyasaında satılan Lot-8 çabuk infüzyon pompa setlerinden özellikle MMT-396, MMT-397, MMT-398, and MMT-399 referans numaralı infüzyon setlerinde hata olma ihtimali  nedeniyle bir uyarı yayınladı ve setlerin kullanılmamasını ve geri iade edilmesini istedi. Setler ücretsiz olarak değiştirilecek.
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Medtronic recalls insulin-infusion sets.

The Wall Street Journal (7/11, Kamp) reported, "Medtronic, Inc. is recalling three million insulin-infusion sets, estimating that 60,000 of them could cause improper insulin delivery and lead to serious injury or death." The company "said nearly two percent of the 'Lot 8' Quick-set infusion sets in question could have a problem properly venting air pressure. The sets are used with the company's MiniMed insulin pump and include the thin plastic tubes used to deliver the drug." The company "said it has mailed notifications to customers."

        The AP (7/10) reported that "the company did not report any injuries or deaths connected to the recalled products." The sets "have the reference numbers MMT-396, MMT-397, MMT-398, and MMT-399," and most "were distributed in the US." According to Medtronic, "patients should stop using a product in the affected lot, and return it to the company." Medtronic said "it will replace the sets at no charge." Reuters (7/10), MedPage Today (7/10, Petrochko), and WebMD (7/10, Hitti) also covered the story.